Dinner At The Thompson’s (show re-cap from 6/9/11)

Article by: Mamba

Photos by: Mamba

Video by: Mamba

When my good friend BBC (B-Boy Craig) from Houston, TX dropped the “Dinner At The Thompson’s”  video on my facebook wall, I thought it was some sort of new sitcom. Haaa.. To my surprise it ended up being this amazing jazzy-hip-hop / r&b duo out of Paris, France. The group consist of two members: Lucile who is the R&B singer &  Fablive who is a DJ, Producer & Multi-instrumentalist. Dinner At The Thompson’s performed at the Beauty Bar in Austin, TX on Thursday, June 6th, 2011, and  their performance was top notch, but I’ll get into that in a minute.

In the early hours at the Beauty Bar, DJ Quick Draw was holding it down on the wheels of steel with all sorts of jams ranging from The Gap Band to Nas to James Brown to The Jets.  He most definitely made his presence known to all the attendees, and to add more pizzazz to his set, Quick Draw would periodically shout something random on his miniature blow horn.

At around 11:30 DJ Quick Draw put his set on pause because “Dinner At The Thompson’s” was about to rock the stage.  Surprisingly, not many people came inside to watch their performance, and that’s a shame because they were amazing. Nonetheless, I still captured some good footage and photos of them for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully in the near future they’ll come back to Austin, TX to rock it again, but with a larger crowd! Until then, check out the footage I captured, some of their music videos and their latest release called “Off The Grid“.

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