Sirens Salon Show Benefit (re-cap from 6/6/11) (Austin, TX)

Article by: Mamba

Video Footage by: Mamba

The Sirens Salon Show on Saturday was a benefit for all the victims of the recent tsunami in Japan.  The whole event was organized by Stephanie Salvo who also happens to be an amazing singer, but I’ll get into that in a bit. The event kicked off at 1p.m. and it was so hot you could boil an egg on the sidewalk. I arrived at 3p.m. with Kwestro and the first thing that caught my attention was massive amount of beverages and hot dogs they had available.

For this event to be Stephanie’s first event, I was pretty damn impressed by the seamless flow of things and what she had prepared for the attendees. There were 7 artist that performed, but I only got to see 5 because I showed up a little late. The first act I saw was this band called “Strong City 3”, and they were an all instrumental rock band that seemed to be reminicent of the 70’s garage rock sound minus a vocalist.

In between all the performances Stephanie would call out some raffle ticket #’s for all the people that participated in the raffle / auction, and the prizes were well worth it. There were items donated from the following business’s – The Long Center, Benihana, Ruthie Harper M.D, The Laser & Skin Care Clinic, El Arol, Yoga Groove, Jewkery by Leo Martinez, Austin Duck Tours, Catherines Pet Sitting, Palm Beach Tan, Sirens Salon, Pathway To Fitness & Advanced Body Work Center just to name a few…

The next performer to rock the stage was Music Producer – “Kwestro”.  Kwestro most definitely had the attendees keeping a steady beat with their feet, and a smile on their faces.  As I looked at the crowd throughout his set I saw a lot people wanting to dance, but were to shy to be the first one to touch the dance floor. Kwestro’s set consisted mostly of his new material infused with some space sounding sound effects. The highlights of his set is when he would play the original sample of the track before his production. This truly gave people a clear understanding of where the beat came from, and they were digging it!

Next on the bill was DJ Notion, who is the sole reason that undergroundhip-hop is still alive in Austin, TX. Due to the fact that this event was all ages, Notion had to keep the music selection respectful. That didn’t stop him from playing some amazing beats and censoring curse words with scratches! I remember at one point in his set he played “Madlib, J Dilla and Quasimoto” back to back to back.  At that moment I thought my neck was going to roll clean off my head because I just could not stop head nodding and smiling. Thanks for playing the classics Notion!

The next band that performed goes by the name of – “Hot Rod Radio”, and they were great! The highlight of their set was the Del Shannon – “Run Away” cover they did.

The second to last artist to perform was “Grimnasty and Jack Swiss”. Now I didn’t capture any footage or photo’s of these MC’s because I felt a lot of their content was repetitive, subject matter wise, and it personally didn’t move me….

The last act to perform was the organizer of the event – “Stephanie Salvo”.  Now I spoke with Stephanie early on in the afternoon, but I had no clue how amazing of a singer she is. When Stephanie started to soundcheck with Notion, my eyebrows raised and chills went down the back of my spine. This is just another reason why I love Austin, TX. Austin is an endless melting pot of talent, and you never know when or where you’re going to see it. Stephanie had myself and the other attendees eyes glued to the stage throughout her whole set. When she was performing I kept asking myself – why haven’t I heard of this female? I would not be suprised if you see Stephanie Salvo in the company of Christina Agulara, Pink or Gwen Stafani one day. Steph Salvo is very talented, undiscovered, hardworking, and down to earth. Be on the look out for her fam.

Overall the event was a success! Sirens Salon raised over $1500 dollars for the victims of the recent tsunami in Japan, and tons of cool prizes were received by those who participated in the raffle.