Eternia – Remix of Elzhi’s “One Love”

The Canada based female MC, Eternia related so much to Elzhi’s – “One Love” track off his latest mix-tape – “Elmatic“, she made a remix. The remix accompanies Elzhi so well, it’s almost as if Eternia was supposed to be a featured guest on his mix-tape. This remix could possibly be the spark to future collaborations with Elzhi. If you enjoyed this remix, Eternia has also remixed a couple other hip-hop classics in her career such as: Masta Ace – Brooklyn Masala & Jeru – Da Bitchez

Here’s Eternia’s remix to Elzhi’s – “One Love” and the remixes to Masta Ace – Brooklyn Masala & Jeru – Da Bitchez:

If you like what you heard, be sure to check out her album with “Moss” called – “At Last” & the “interview” we did with her a while back.