We Did this for the Female MC’s =) Shine on Queens::::

In the current state of Hip-Hop a lot of talented female MC’s don’t get the respect the deserve. So, I figured it was only right for me to give the female MC’s that are really doing their thing on the M-I-C some shine. I know a lot of you are thinking, the female MC died in hip-hop after the greats such as MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante & Salt Peppa were no longer in the limelight, but that’s not 100 percent true. Roxanne Shante, Bahamdia are still touring and there’s a whole movement of female MC’s that have been holding it down. Don’t beleive me? I’ll prove it to you. Below is a link of all the current female mc’s that are still representing hip-hop to the fullest. I also attached a video called ” The Revival” which is a independent tour through Europe starring the following female MC’s and DJ: Invincible, Roxanne Shante, Bahamadia,Stacy Epps,DJ Shortee,and Eternia.


Female MC’s