The Do-Over in Austin, TX (recap from 5-7-11)

The illustrious do-over party touched down in Austin, TX at the Ghost Room this past Saturday, and it was a blast. I arrived at the Ghost Room at 5p.m. and it a hot sunny drunk afternoon for me. Haaa.. When I arrived a good amount of people were already in the party place to be, but they were chillin’ due to the hot temperature.

It wasn’t until later on in the evening until people started getting down on the good foot. One of the highlights of the event was the free burgers , and boy did they go fast.  Luckily I arrived just in the nick of time to  gobble some down with my fireman 4 alarm brewski. The first DJ I caught was JT Donaldson out of Dallas, TX. JT’s set was comprised of funk and soul which set the vibe off nicely considering a lot of people weren’t dancing just yet.

Directly after his set ended do-over resident DJ Chris Haycock out of Los Angeles approached the wheels of steel and brought the HOUSE music vibe! This is when people started to levitate more towards the dance floor.

About halfway through DJ Chris Haycocks set he started jamming back to back to back. At that particular moment B-Girl Misa who can also house dance got busy. Don’t worry, there’s video footage of all the action at the end of this recap.

The last DJ to rock the turntables was world renown DJ Rhettmatic representing the The World Famous Beat Junkies! I could tell everyone and their Moms mom was waiting to hear him spin. Rhettmatic started off with some Maze, Marvin Gaye and Rick James. The most incredible thing was witnessing him scratch, juggle and cut while not fucking up with vibe.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he’s in a crew of DJ’s that have won some DMC battles.

I honestly think Rhettmatic played almost every genre of music that night. All you heard throughout his set was Ooo’s, Ahh’s ,Woos and Ohh’s the whole time! Rhettmatic most definitely stole the show. The pictures below and video really and truly tell the story.

Enjoy Fam!

YouTube Preview Image