Bucket Man Will be the Next Homeless Man to Blow Up! (Austin, TX)

Earlier this year the world was ecstatic about The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice – Ted Williams,  but here in Austin, TX we have the next phenomenon. No one knows his name, but he goes by Bucket Man and Devon Hutchins (bmx filmer extraordinaire), turned the world on to him. He does rap improv with his bucket and he’s very talented!  So the next time you see this guy, share a conversation with him. This homeless man will be the next to blow up.

Mark my words::::

Here’s what Devon Hutchins had to say about him:

I’ve been working at a bar in downtown Austin for 4 years now and have become familiar with a lot of the homeless people. I don’t really like any of them except this guy, Bucket Man. I’m not sure what his real name is but anytime I see him I always say what up and listen to him play a song. I’ve always wanted to film him playing a song but have never had the chance till yesterday. I was at this spot where a bunch of tweakers hang out to film people riding bikes and he happen to be there. He recognized me and asked if I wanted to film a song. We set up and after a couple interruptions got a full song. If you ever see this guy downtown stop and listen, his shit is good.