Hip-Hop that Doesn’t Suck! (re-cap from 4-27-11)

Photos by: Mamba

Video by: Mamba

Article by: Mamba

Flyer by: Kwestro

Last Wed. at Kill City’s Monthly event – “Hip-Hop That Doesn’t Suck”, Kwestro and a couple of the other acts represented nicely. The performers that really caught my attention were: The Kill City Track Gang, Ill-iterate, DJ Shoestrings and Kwestro.  The first act I caught was this group called Ill-iterate and they reminded me of  Hieroglyphics circa 2007.

I believe this is a new upcoming hip-hop crew from Austin, and they really had a way with their wordplay during their set. Their flow was seamless, entertaining, and funky to describe them  in a nutshell. Between the showcases DJ Shoestrings continuously kept dropping classic hip-hop tracks and a lot a new underground hip-hop such as: Atmosphere, Brother Ali and Evidence. It’s always nice to hear DJ’s spin quality hip-hop when I go to these venues.

The next showcase I caught was music producer – Kwestro. When Kwestro started to play his beats everyone at Plush started to two-step their way to the dance floor. As his set progressed throughout the night, the party people in the place to be started chants, small soul train lines and buying shots. Kwestro truly set the party a blazin’! These two lesbian girls were having such a good time they started making out. Check it:

After Kwestro’s set came to a close, everyone was screaming to the top of their lungs for him, and chanting his name. You’ll see the goodness in the video at the bottom of this re-cap. The last act that I captured footage of was the Kill City Track Gang, and they are the founders / promoters of the event.  Lyrically these two MC’s are great, I just think that they need some better beats to accommodate some of their tracks.

Overall the event was a win, and a good turn out for a Wednesday Night! Until next time fam…

:::One Love:::