DEL brought Tha’ Funk to Austin, TX! (re-cap from 4-2-11)

Article by: Mamba

Header Photo by: Kwestro

Photo’s & Video by: Mamba

The founder of Hieroglyphics –  Del The Funky Homosapien brought his funky vibes to Austin, TX once again, and this time around he brought his new band called The Serendipity Band. The other acts on the bill were Bukue One, Serendipity Project, Tee Double & DJ Zach Hendrix. I arrived to the Mohawk at 8p.m. when the doors opened to assure my entry, and the line was already past the building. Surprisingly it moved extremely fast, and I was in The Mohawk in 30 minutes. Anytime there’s a free show in Austin, TX  people will wait outside an hour prior to doors opening to assure their entry. As I made my way to the front of the stage DJ Zach Hendrix was playing nothing but pure 60’s & 70’s funk. Throughout his set he would yell at the audience with the following statements – “This was before your time” & “I might lose you guys on this one”. With that being said, you know right off the bat that the audience was predominately young kids and it was an all ages show. DJ Zach Hendrix was growing a bit frustrated that the kids at the Del show didn’t know a lot of the funk songs, but at the same time I believe it’s also his job to then educate them. If I was in his position, and I saw that the audience didn’t really know the music at all, I would start shouting out a couple of the songs I was playing to educate the masses.  Why ridicule when you can educate and elevate?  As Zach Hendrix’s set was coming to a close some asshole kid was getting a pissed off that the DJ wasn’t playing the songs he wanted to hear, so he kept repeatedly giving him the middle finger. Now I love the kids and all, but some have NO FUCKING RESPECT! This was a free show for crying out LOUD, what more do you want. Geez…. I had to hold myself back from going POSTAL on that little shit. Ha ha ha.

After Zach Hendrix finished his set, Bukue One brought out Austin’s own Tee Double to kick some freestyle rhymes to set it OFF, and set it off indeed he did! It’s a shame when Bukue One said: “Alright Austin, TX give it up for one of your own Tee Double” , that the crowd barely screamed for him…Tee Double has been representing in the Austin, TX hip-hop scene before hip-hop was even welcomed! I’m just glad when Tee Double grabbed the mic, and started to freestyle the crowd went APE SHIT! It’s a shame it takes a local artist to open up for a BIG name to get some love and respect from the masses. So, if you didn’t know about one of the local hometown hip-hop heroes in Austin, TX, now you do. Shine on Tee Double!

Once Tee Double warmed the crowd up properly, The Serendipity Project was preparing to bring the live music element to the night. Bukue One was most definitely doing an excellent job hosting by keeping the crowd alert, laughing , and the ladies blushing with his never-ending sexual jokes and gestures. As each performer did their set, Bukue One stated that we’re assembling Deltron which was made up of the following: The Legs (Bukue One), the arms (the band) and the head (Del). I have to give it to Del and Bukue One for coming up with this pretty awesome concept that kept the audience uncontrollably excited!

The Serendipity Project’s performance was decent…To be honest with you the band could have played by themselves and it would have been a lot better. The MC was okay, but nothing really special to write home about. His stage presence really didn’t move me until he played this one track produced by A-Plus called “I promise” and he’s beat boxing. Other than that I was utterly bored by his stage performance.

Immediately after The Serendipity Project finished their set, Bukue One wasted no time and began performing his set! The crowd awoke out of their coma, the adrenaline was flowing  STRONG through everyone’s vein’s and Bukue One was rocking the mic FULL-FREAKIN’-THROTTLE! He had the ladies screaming for him as he rapped over reggae beats with his long dreads flinging to and fro! Besides the amazing set he performed, Bukue had to make time to call out the hippies in Austin, TX by saying:


“Austin, TX. Petula is NOT soap, you will still be FUNKY as HELL after USING it.”


With that being said, some of the people in the crowd were booing under their breathe while others laughed HYSTERICALLY! Bukue One is most definitely a man of no fear or losing fans, and he admitted he’s a mama’s boy. He’s been one of the most entertaining and interesting acts that I’ve seen in 2011 thus far, and surprisingly after his set was finished people were still giving him a lot of praise.

At the Golden Hour of midnight Del entered the stage, and everyone in the crowd began to mosh! It felt like a rock concert! Del played all his classics such as Jaw Gymnastics, Dr. Bombay, If You Must, Phoney Phranchise (Domino Remix) & some Gorrilaz Tracks. The highlight of his set was him and Bukue One doing a 16 bar freestyle simultaneously in 5 minutes, and then witnessing Del invite all the openers to spit some freestyle rhymes with him and  Bukue One to close his set out. The energy was off the charts, mad tree’s were blazed, and  everyone left with a smile on their face.

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