Why do Women wear Black Tights as pants?

By:  Jabronix_5

You know what I’m talking about. Those black tights that leave nothing to the imagination, but they wear them as pants, not with a skirt over it, or shorts, or a long shirt / sweater.

Are you aware of how utterly mesmerizing your butt can be? Are you doing it on purpose?

For an appreciator of the female form like myself, it’s damn near torture to walk through crowded places like a train station or a mall, beset on all sides by  delicious curves.

And I’m guessing these things come in varying qualities because on some women, they are practically sheer. And God help me if you’re walking along, and you think to adjust them by pulling them up a bit higher, because that stretches them and thins them out and then I get a glimpse of skin and thong (invariably it’s a thong).

They are so tight, so huggably tight. Every nuance of your lower parts is in full display. Are you aware of this? Is it a bug or a feature?

This incoherent rant was inspired by my commute this morning in which I found myself walking in the same direction as the owner of a magnificent set of buttocks. An ever so slight jiggle set my heart a flutter. This was a butt that could launch a thousand ships.

So. Ladies. Are these things comfortable? Does it even cross your mind how revealing and exposing they are, worn solely as pants? Is that even why you do it? If so, I salute you for making this sad, sad world a little brighter.

side question: I don’t think this makes me a misogynist. A pervert, maybe but it’s not like I’m doing anything wrong or making anyone uncomfortable. I can experience these thoughts without the outward appearance of a slavering troglodyte nursing a giant boner. But feel free to explain to me how I’m wrong.