SXSW 2011 (March 11-16th) (part 1) (re-cap)

Header Photo by: Kwestro

Article by: Mamba

Video Footage and Photos by: Mamba

SXSW 2011 :) Let’s see, it was 30 percent more crowded than last year, and there was a mob of people in every crack and crevice of the city.  SXSW this year had so many celebrities and big names in the music and film business it was ridiculous! I’m just glad I live in this amazing city where all the magic happens.  Throughout my documentation I witnessed so many musical genres, random encounters, beautiful foreign women, tons of alcohol and shows – shows – shows. SXSW is a festival were you really have to pace yourself party wisely, or you’ll end up passed out in front of the Travis county courthouse. Yes, I witnessed that and it was not a pretty site. The guy looked like he was dead. Oh and a lot of people on bikes were hit by cars and hospitalized. Alcohol and riding your bike is never a wise decision, that drunk confidence will get you caught up in a situation every time. Other than those shenanigans I mentioned, the festival was amazing! This re-cap will be broken down into a two part series.  There will be two nicely edited videos at the end of each section for your viewing pleasure accommodated by pictures and text. I hope you all enjoy SXSW 2011 through the eyes of Boy-Cott Magazine :)


Day 1 (Fri, March 11, 2011)

One of the perks of living in this city is you can catch a lot of SXSW early. I remember last year the music usually starts the week after the film festival, but not this year. Things got started off with a bang at the Scoot Inn with Questlove, Theophilus London, God-Des & She, and DJ Kid Slyce all for free 99!

I arrived at the Scoot Inn at 11p.m, and the place was almost to capacity already! When a well known artist performs in Austin, TX, the whole damn town comes out. The first act to rock the stage was God-Des & She who transplanted from New York a while back. God-Des & She are a female hip-hop / r & b group.  God-Des is the MC and She is the singer, and boy did they rock the crowd!

This group has Salt N’ Peppa flava’ mixed with some En Vogue vocals to describe them in a nut shell. Their energy is live, the ladies love them, “She” can sing like a sista’, and they even have a song about licking vagina properly :)  How about them apples??!!!??? Next to bless the stage was the one and only Theophilus London. Theophilus London the NYC-based electronic / hip hop rapper had the kids bum rushing to the stage as he prepared to rock the mic. I swear every 18 year old girl had their eyes glued to the stage when he was performing. He had the ladies hypnotized his whole entire set. It seems like the skinny pants jean rappers are getting a lot of love these days. I’m not knocking his style by any means, I’m just stating the facts. Theophilus had a great stage presence, ladies were dancing on the stage and received  an encore cheer after his set.

Shortly after Theophilus London left all the college girls in a trance, Questlove and his Hypeman – Yameen Allworld were preparing to shut it down! As Queslove started to soundcheck by scratching and cutting the record back and forth, the party people swarmed in from all angles of the Scoot Inn. It was as the President of The United States was about to arrive. His Hypeman Yameen Allworld commanded the crowd throughout Questloves DJ set like a lieutenant leading his troops into battle. The crowd ooo’d and awww’d as Questlove played a VARIETY of genres mixing, mashing, cutting and scratching over and over again. It seemed seamless for Queslove as he performed a 3hr. set while not taking one single break. I guess you know you’re a seasoned vet if you can rock it for that long while keeping the party people attention the entire time!  Throughout his set, people were forming soul train lines everywhere, the b-boys were getting down and the ladies were looking lovely.

Day 2 (Sat, March 12, 2011)

Saturday night at the Mohawk was mind blowing to say the least. The line for the Ning party was around the building, and I missed Washed Out…..That was the main reason why I r.s.v.p’ed for this event, but Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears & DJ Premier made up for it :)  Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears are a nostalgic rock band from Round Rock, TX, and they have that 60’s rock feel infused with a MEAN horn section.You should have seen the reaction on the crowds faces as Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears blew them away with their enchanting guitar and horn section solos. It was as they electrified the crowd to the 3RD degrree with their marvelous sound.

Next up to rock the stage was Legendary DJ and Producer Premier. As Premier began to set up his equipment, people started to yell and scream every time he made a scratch on the turntable and when he was mic checking. The anxiousness was through the roof! Once Premier got situated and plugged in, he instantly drew the crowd in just by the strength of his voice alone!  Throughout Premier’s set he would drop science (a.k.a. a message) about certain genres and era’s of music he was playing. Some of the attendees didn’t react to well to that, because they’re used to him just setting up his equipment, rocking the crowd and leaving. DJ Premier took a educational approach this time, and I found it very enlightening :) Two of the primo highlights of Premiers set was when he played a Guru tribute! (rest in power) & when he dropped the M.O.P. Ante Up joint and I almost got trampled. Yeah, it was that hype.  At that prime point in the night, the crowd fell into a trance and it felt like us the attendees were all moving in unison. Music is a powerful thing fam, and Premier is just one example of how  powerful it can be….