This ain’t HD people, this is CH4D! (interview)

Header Photo by: Kwestro

Interview by: Mamba

All other photo’s & video are Copyright of: Chad Treanor (CH4D)

It’s a beautiful thing in life when you see your friends hold on to their passion until they’re 6ft. under. I’ve known Chad Treanor since the tender age of 17. We both grew up in this town west of Houston called – Katy, TX. I met Chad through his brother Joe Treanor who worked at a bike shop called Acme Bikes. This was back in 2000, and man those were the good ole’ days filled with low to no responsibility, and BMX day in and day out. We practically lived and breathed BMX. Chad Treanor was always the kid with the camera wherever we went. His relentless love for cinematography & photography shined on through the years, and he even published a lot of  his old footage on his vimeo account which I will hook you up with later on in this interview. Currently, Chad Treanor is still creating amazing video projects, networking his ass off daily,  taking beautiful photography and still making time for friends and family. I hope you all appreciate this young lads work now, and stay tuned in for more to come….

Boy-Cott: How’s life treating you Chad?

CH4D: Life’s been pretty good lately. My freelance work has been picking up more and more and I’ve been pedaling a lot everyday so I’m stoked on every day above ground.

Boy-Cott: The first thing I want to ask you about is the “4” in your website name. What does that “4” represent?

CH4D: The “4” in my name has sort of been my tag since I was old enough to hold a crayon. I would write my name, CH4D, all over my walls and has just sort of stuck ever since then. I like to think of it as my trademark and that there is always something going on between the lines.

Boy-Cott: As long as I’ve known you, I thought all you did was cinematography. When did photography and motion graphics come in the picture.

CH4D: My still photography work has sort of always been in the background of things since 2000 and has always been a passion of mine. It wasn’t until recently that it started to take hold as one of my serious, constant developing crafts. As for the motion graphics work – its kind of always been there since I started editing digital video back in 1998. I’m a huge fan of motion designers communicating a message creatively that’s extremely visually stimulating. If I see some piece of motion design that catches my eye, entertains for a moment and conveys a message to me I get super stoked.

Boy-Cott: I’ve noticed that your very reminiscent of the past. Why is that, and what would you change in the present?

CH4D: I do have a tendency to be a bit reminiscent and I think its because I’ve always said “you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.” That saying means a lot to me in the sense of relativity in that what you do today sends you on your course for where you’ll be in years to come. I’m a sucker for those “remember back when” stories. As for the present, I wouldn’t change a thing. When I’m out pedaling bikes, taking pictures, filming for a video or just kicking it with my friends I’m as happy as a kid on his bike.

Boy-Cott: When you’re out capturing video footage or taking photo’s, what are some distinct things you look for to make the final result beautiful?

CH4D: I’m definitely always looking for that next great shot and some of the qualities I’m always looking for are the human spirit. When you see an image and it makes you feel something; there’s nothing better than that. I’m a huge fan of movement and flow in my imagery. I’ve been filming and editing video since 1997 and the majority of my work back when I got started was BMX and skateboarding “sponsor me” videos for my friends. I’m proud to say that those videos were what made my work unique because I look for motion, movement, life in the moment and most importantly the human spirit.

I’m definitely always looking for that next great shot, and some of the qualities I’m always looking for are the human spirit…