Miss Erica Dee = Unprecedented Vocal Magic (interview)

Interview by: Mamba

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You know, I really and truly love Canada. Their undying love for music, art, and culture just amazes me, and this artist who goes by the name Erica Dee is just another reason why I have respect for Canada. Erica Dee hails from the western most part of Canada – “British Colombia”, and she can sing like a humming bird! To describe her in a nut shell would be to combine the likes of Erykah Badu & Jill Scott in one.  More than a soul artist, Erica Dee has little bit of MC in her. You can catch all of her music versatility on her recently released mix-tape called “Golden”. Erica’s glistening bone chilling soulful voice is one to be reckoned with people, so keep your eyes pealed and ears open for anything she releases::::


Boy-Cott: What’s new and exciting in the world of Miss Erica Dee?

Erica Dee: Well I just moved to L.A. from Vancouver, BC. Which has been very exciting and full of new experiences. It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself in a new place :)

Boy-Cott: You recently released your mix-tape “Golden”, which truly showcases your vocal versatility on the following genres: soul, house, hip-hop, electro and reggae. Why did you choose this direction, as opposed to just making a one genre mix-tape?

Erica Dee: Well, I wanted this Mixtape to show you exactly that; my versatility. All of these genres truly resonate with me and as a solo mc/vocalist I have worked with many different DJ’s and Producers from all sides of the musical spectrum, each one bringing out a different part of me and inspiring me in their own way. The plan for my album is to find a way to combine the all of the elements of these genres into one sound.

Good Day by Erica Dee

Boy-Cott: Your voice sounds like a combination of Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. Did you take singing lessons as a child or is there anyone in your family with singing talent? How did your voice come into fruition?

Erica Dee: I didn’t actually start taking voice lessons until just a few years ago. My mother is a singer as well as my step mother. I have been around music my whole life, for my father is a jazz guitarist as well. I have been singing as long as I can remember, and grew up with every style of music around me. But for some reason, my voice just naturally came out this way. I don’t really know how else to describe it. It’s almost like I am always on a mission to understand this sound and this voice.

My voice just naturally came out this way. I don’t really know how else to describe it. It’s almost like I am always on a mission to understand this sound and this voice.

Boy-Cott: I noticed you speak about love a lot, what’s Miss Erica Dee’s definition of love?

Erica Dee: Wow, that is a BIG question. Love is unconditional, it is peace, it is the center of all things, it is more important anything else in this world. It is something I feel so often for so many things it is almost over-whelming. It is an energy, a warm feeling I carry with me wherever I go. It is truly what i live for.

Boy-Cott: More then a singer, you are also a DJ and a Producer. Would you mind explaining to the people about how you became involved in those two musical art forms?

Erica Dee: DJ’ing started as something I liked to just do as a hobby. I use to be a straight up Dance Hall and Reggae DJ, and that was it. I spent some time living amongst Caribbean culture and learned more and more about the music. I Came back to Vancouver and got an offer to play this underground Reggae party where I had the time of my life and preformed one of my best DJ sets to this day. At the time I didn’t know anything about BPM’s or beatmatching I just played what I loved. From there I just got more and more into it, and started playing more genres and learning more about what it means to be a skilled DJ. As far as a Producer goes, I started recording my vocals years ago then slowly learned more and more about production. I Also went to music school for 2 years where I learned and incredible amount about music in general, as well as music production.

Boy-Cott: Is Luscious Beats your production company or an event you organize?

Erica Dee: Luscious Beats is the name of a duo project I am in with another female, M3. This project really brings all my skills into play. I DJ, Sing and MC alongside M3 while she plays percussion, sings and mc’s. It is a really fun project we started up a few years ago. It has been a while since we have played together, because our own paths took off in different directions but I have faith we will meet up again and make some more magic in the future.

Boy-Cott: What’s one of your fondest musical memories in your career thus far?

Erica Dee: There are so many it is hard to narrow it down. You know, being able to create and be inspired with other artists is my favorite part of all this.

I met this incredible artist by the name of Jimi James when I came to L.A. last may. She invited me to come to the studio to vibe out with herself, Haz Solo and Theron Feemster. This was my first time going to a big studio in Hollywood, and I was very nervous and excited all at the same time. Before we even got to talking about music, we sat and ate chicken wings while talking about spirituality, life and inspiration, for two hours. The energy and vibes were flowing beautifully. Then, each of us shared a little piece. After that Theron approached the keyboard and asked us to stand around him. Right there in that moment there was so much love and inspiration, he created a masterpiece. Then he played it for us, we vibed it for a few repeats, then he put each of us in the booth to freestyle. Every ones freestyle was captured perfectly. When I was in the booth I sang from my heart, there was no thought involved, it was all feeling. When I came out I couldn’t believe what I heard. I let my voice go to places I never thought I could go, it was beautiful and the perfect reflection of exactly how I felt in that moment. That was only one of the many experiences my voice has led me to, and I am beyond grateful for all of them :)

This is when I found my gift, I thought of myself as a healer and was on a mission to evoke happiness. And here I am years later, on the same mission :)