Miss Erica Dee – “Golden” (mixtape)

First and foremost I want to give a big shout-out to Amanda Bullick for turning me on to this artist. It’s truly a coincidence that on Valentine’s Day I received an e-mail to this amazing soul singer who goes by the name of Erica Dee. She hails from British Colombia, and she sounds like Eryka Badu’s counterpart.

Real Talk.

Miss Erica Dee has a phenomenal voice that will send chills through your “soul”. Check out the short bio on her by Alicia Zakon.

Think of “Golden” as the perfect desert. A honey voice laced over stick-to-your-ribs beats. Peachy summer day melodies. Lemon tart lyrics that make you pucker from their honesty. Erica Dee’s debut mixtape is indeed a treat to save room for, anticipate, and ask for a second helping of.

“Golden” takes you on a musical journey from old school hip-hop to soul to Motown to disco. Featuring some of our favorite classics beats like “Juicy” by Biggie, “Check the Rhyme” by Tribe Called Quest and “On and On” by Erykah Badu, Erica truly touches on elements of the golden era we will never forget. Through her music, Erica also gives homage to [the rave scene in] her hometown, sneaking in a few tracks by British Colombia’s own DJ Neighbour.

Not only is Erica’s musical selection varied, but her content is sincere and playful. Each song is a flavorful rendition of life, expressing the type of candor and idealism of a teenager and the growing pains of a young adult trying to find her voice. A perfect fusion of musical genres, Golden’s collection of delectable tunes are something you can blast out your car stereo at 2am, not disturbing the peace, but adding to it.

-Alicia Zakon

DOWNLOAD:Golden (mixtape)

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