2011 RSVP for Fader Fort by Fiat @ SXSW!

by: erik adams

When it comes to the supremely silly game of large corporate entities sponsoring music events, some names just make sense—anything with a direct connection to sex (condom manufacturers), drugs (major breweries and distilleries), and/or rock ’n’ roll (electronics conglomerates), for instance. Brands with long-standing ties to rock’s rebel image work, too—like Levi’s, the former sponsor of SXSW’s hottest non-ticket, The Fader Fort. But now that the clothier that has swaddled the legs, asses, and groins of so many legendary musicians has backed out of that deal, what will take its place? Would you guess an Italian automaker?


As part of its reintroduction to the American auto market, Fiat—maker of fine, tiny Italian cars—has stepped up to pay for the privilege of being left out of all spoken references to The Fader Fort. Austin360 says some major players have been rumored as potential headliners for the East Austin hideout. But here’s a better question: Could you fit all five members of The Strokes into one Fiat 500?