Canadian Mother Tries To Sell Breast Milk Online

By Jason Halstead, QMI Agency

A Winnipeg mother is looking to move gallons of surplus mother’s milk via the online marketplace. With a freezer full of breast milk she’s been stocking away since her four-month-old son’s birth, Sara Wiens is now looking to offload it after she found out her son Simon cannot drink it.

He has an allergy to cow’s milk protein and is unable to drink his mother’s breast milk produced during the period when she still was consuming cow’s milk. The toddler can now consume his mother’s milk again as she has cut dairy products from her diet.

“I know lots of people who would have loved to have breast milk for their children — women who aren’t producing enough or aren’t producing at all,” said the mother of two. “If someone can use it, that would be great.”

Wiens has put the milk up for sale on Kijiji — a classifieds website — and is fielding offers. She said there is no set price for the milk but hopes to cover the rental of the breast pump and other costs incurred, likely somewhere between $200 and $500. “Compared to formula, it’s a lot cheaper and a lot better,” Wiens said.

Breast milk banks exist in Canada, but there is no such facility in Winnipeg to which a mother could donate milk. Wiens said she’d have to cover costs to donate the milk to a bank in Vancouver.

However, she was was forced to remove the post. “There were quite a lot of negative responses,” Wiens said, adding she was told to take the ad off the site because the sale of bodily fluids is not allowed.