I got into a car accident this morning and lost my faith in humanity.

By: Throwaway

I got into a car accident on my way in to work this morning. I was a bit early so I decided to hit McD’s for a sandwich and a coffee. As I pulled up to the main road to take a left turn out of the parking lot I stopped and noticed another gentlemen in a large Expedition was making a right hand turn into the parking lot (the same one I was pulling out of). The roads up here are still a bit icy and he was going pretty quick so he slid into my driver door when his brakes locked up on his front wheels. He hit pretty hard, but not hard enough to blow my side airbags. Again, I was stopped the whole time waiting to turn left. Immediately the guy driving the Expedition gets out and starts cussing at me. I’m an avid amateur olympic weightlifter and I’m on the muscular side so when I hopped out of the car I just kind of gave him a “look” and he shut up (I’ve seen more movies with the Rock than I care to mention here). I had to get out of the passenger door as the impact left my driver door inoperable. Immediately, I started taking pictures and videos of the scene with my phone when the guy that was in the car behind me pops out of his car. I assumed he was going to ask if I was alright but he walked over to the guy in the Expedition and said very quietly, “You give me $100 and I’ll tell the police that he pulled out onto the road and backed up after the accident.” This, of course, would have meant that I was at fault for the accident. He thought that he said it too quietly for me to hear, but I must have been graced with Queen Fucking Cleopatra’s kitty-like hearing and immediately I went into a state of shock and disbelief. I walked calmly over to him and told him that I heard his offer and so did my camera phone (it actually didn’t). The guy coyly said “What offer?” and shrugged. Thankfully he walked back to his car and flipped me the bird as hep pulled out around me. The cop ended up being cool and (of course) I wasn’t cited for the accident. I mentioned to the cop about the guy behind me, I even gave a description and a license plate number but the cop said he was powerless to arrest the guy. The cop also said that this scenario probably happens a lot more than I’d think. I’m still in a state of disbelief for what people will do for money.