District Suggests Reassigning Principal After ‘Joke’ Letter

by: jody heisner

LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ — Litchfield Elementary School Superintendent Julianne Lein has recommended that a district school principal, who wrote a sarcastic letter about students that was mistakenly sent home to parents, be reassigned to a district office position.

Lein also said she is working to hold a meeting for parents to discuss their concerns.

The letter sent home with second graders attending Litchfield Elementary School on Jan. 26 included disparaging remarks about students who could not complete their “easy” math assignments.

Some parents who have read the letter say it’s funny.

“I found nothing offensive about it at all, I think it’s very funny. I mean it’s not for the children to see,” said parent Celia Laughlin.

Other’s don’t think the letter is a laughing matter.

“It’s not funny, it’s bad for the kids,” said a grandmother.

Litchfield Elementary School District Superintendent Dr. Julianne Lein said the district apologizes for the incident and is taking steps to remedy the situation.

The school district removed Principal Ron Sterr pending disciplinary action.

Sterr says he wrote a joke letter in response to caustic comments made by “an individual” and a teacher accidentally sent it home. He says he openly opposes the views expressed in the “mocking” letter he wrote.

“I just thought it was a joke. A joke he sent to some of his co-workers and evidently this co-worker didn’t read it and sent it home to parents thinking it was a legitimate note from him,” said a mom.

Many of the parents who spoke with ABC15 say they want the principal to stay at the school.

“He should be able to say his apologies and we can move on,” said parent Heather O’Neil.

Read the Letter Parents Say They Received: