The Pharcyde Show @ The Mohawk in Austin, TX!! (recap)

Photo’s by: Mamba

Video Footage by: Mamba

Article by: Mamba

Man, The Pharcyde reminded me why I love hip-hop music. I just wish Fatlip would have been there to perform….I arrived at

The Mohawk at 9p.m. and DJ Notion was taking the crowd on a hip-hop extravaganza as Beta Player prepared to perform. Beta Player is a local Progressive, Experimental Hip Hop group that focuses on Hip Hop while not being bound by music genre. Overall their performance was decent, but one of the emcee’s  rocking the Kansas City cap was buggin’ me out. I couldn’t tell if his accent was actually his or if he was putting up a front to be hip-hop official. I dunno. It was just weird hearing him use hip-hop lingo every freakin’ sentence.

Shortly after Beta Players set was DJ Digg of the Table Manners Crew, and he was rockin’ the crowds world!!! Digg played authentic hip-hop, old school top 40 and even played some nice remix’s I’ve never heard before. He was most definitely the crowds favorite DJ. It was so funny to witness these two Latina chicks next to me conduct all the old school dances (the wop, running man, alf etc…etc….). They had me buggin’ out fam.  The next artist to touch the stage were the ATX hometown hero’s Crew54.  Now Crew54 is  from Killeen, TX but they might as well be Austin locals because they’re here so much. If you’ve never heard or seen Crew54 live, you will know the raw talent that these brothers possess after watching the video footage below. The had the crowd at full fucking attention when they were rockin it.

After Crew54 left the crowd in a cold sweat, it was time for The Pharcyde to show Austin, TX why they’re legends. As I stated earlier, Fatlip wasn’t with the group on this stop, but you couldn’t even tell. These brothers held it down!! Imani teased the crowd as he hyped them before he entered the stage, and people were going nuts just by the sound of his voice. I had to seriously place myself in safety position just to maintain my spot. Finally, after 20 minutes of hyping the crowd The Pharcyde entered the stage an started with their classic track – “Drop”. When Bootie Brown started to spit his lyrics, all you heard were ladies screaming to the top of their lungs for that kat. It must be something about his high pitch voice, and hair that had the ladies in a frenzy.

Throughout their set they played basically all their classics from “Labcabincalifonia” and “Bizarre Ride II”, but the highlight of the night is when they played “She Said” (J-Dilla Remix). Slimkid3 invited 10 ladies on the stage to dance behind him as he performed the track. All I have to say is watch the chick in golden pants. The seriousness on her face to be so sexy and seductive was priceless. Be sure to to check the video below for all that swift action. All in all the show was a smash! It was cold, but those classic tracks from The Pharcyde kept everyone bouncing and plenty warm.

See you next time fam!

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