Gaming w/ Your Mind

By: H.B. Duran

Attention all PC Gamers! Remember when I told you about the Jedi Mouse?

Well, Jedi Mind is back with a program that will make your gaming dreams come true – introducing Master Mind – the software that allows you to perform ALL functions in your favorite PC games using only your thoughts!

For the disabled, that means you can game to your little heart’s content – and probably out-perform a lot of gamers in the process! For the rest of us, that means moving the cursor, selecting classes, functions, aiming a weapon; anything you can do with a mouse but with your mind instead. Eat a bowl of popcorn and game at the same time – you can do it with Master Mind!
How it works (in Layman’s Terms):

The Emotiv headset ($299 USD from is placed on the head. Sensors read your brain waves and translate them into actions. By concentrating on actions such as “push,” “pull,” “up” or “down,” the program learns your individual electric impulses.

After installing Master Mind onto your computer, you use the same thoughts, i.e. push or pull to replace the act of clicking a mouse. You can set the program to read your thoughts, emotions and even follow your eye movements! This amazing technology is available right now for only $99.99 USD.

Here’s an interview with the Creator of Jedi Mind – Brent Fouch