Kwestro Killed It @ The Dakota Lounge (Austin, TX)

Austin, TX.  As this year comes to a close my boy Kwestro decided to hop on this music producer showcase put on by DJ Notion. The event took place at The Dakota Lounge on a Tuesday evening (10-14-10) , and may I say it was a nice vibe.  Kwestro and I arrived at 11:00, indulged in a couple of brews and watched the other producers rock it. Shortly after that it was Kwestro’s turn to bless the crowd with his beats.  Now, I’m not trying to brag about my boy, but he did indeed have people making their way to the dance floor, giving him daps, and hoot and hollering. The only downfall of the night was the terrible lighting in the venue and this annoying drunk guy. The drunkard was pouncing around the venue, yelling obscenities, touching the turntable at one point and continuously repeating that he’s DJing. Bwaaaaah! Yeah…it was that bad. Other than that, the night was fun. Check out the video’s of Kwestro below:

YouTube Preview Image