The Death of Paris

The Death of Paris, a dark, dramatic rock-and-roll outlet for singer-songwriter Nathan Harrop’s life story. When she left for Paris, he loved her. When she came back, she broke his heart. And from his pain comes the product.  He has written about his sister’s death, his mother’s drug addiction, his father’s alcoholism, abuse and prison time. He’s written a song about worrying that his girlfriend was cheating with him, another about actually catching her cheating on him, and another about the drunken confusion of the nights that followed.

Harrop, who quit touring with a major international artist to found the band, found his lineup in an unsigned rock band that had been touring North America independently and playing more than 250 shows a year. He’d originally asked them to work as sidemen on his solo record, but the band’s chemistry and creative process proved too valuable to waste on a one-off collaboration. The Death of Paris was born in late 2009. After warm-up performances including an opening slot for Bowling for Soup at The Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, Mass. and recording with producer Scott Riebling (Fall Out Boy, Metro Station, Cobra Starship), the Death of Paris is ready to spread its songs all over the world.

Please feel free to listen to 2 demo songs out of 60 songs written.  The Death of Paris has been locked up in a basement for 5 months working out parts and getting ready to debut itself.  A band that will be a success for many years to come!

Bed’s On Fire

[audio:’s_On_ Fire.mp3]