1st American Beatbox Championship

By: Chesney Snow

The days when beatboxing was considered a niche artform passed away years ago. Since it has left the streets of New York for global conquest it has become an international sensation boasting several virtual superstars of the artform in Europe and countless national competitions abroad. Now the art of making music with your mouth is set to crown it’s 1st official champion in the land of it’s birth.
The 1st American Beatbox Championship has brought 45 of some of America’s most jaw droppingly incredible beatboxers from all over the United States. The contestants range from the unbelievable to the unbelievably hilarious. 8 Beatboxers will be selected to compete in New York City this summer to go head to head for the title.

With special guest judges including beatboxing icon Kenny Muhammad, PBS Electric Company resident beatboxer Shockwave, renowned poet and MC Toni Black, underground hip hop favorite Hasan Salaam, beatboxers Adam Matta, Masai Electro and more this competition is sure to turn heads as America crowns it’s 1st beatboxing champion. With a unique battle format competitors are pushed to the very edge of their creative limits. They are battling for over $1000 in prizes from sponsors BEAT KANGZ ELECTRONIC, PRIME LOOPS, and MIC Clothing, more importantly they are battling for the title of America’s Best Beatboxer.

The American Beatbox Championships is produced by the World Beatbox Association & Human Beatbox. Check out American Beatbox Championships for more information.