“Who I Am?” (stereotypes in our society)

By: Shabnam Amini

Stereotypes. they are killing us. Lets start to judge a person for who they are rather then how they look, based off of race and religion. I did this from my point of View, because I am an American Muslim.

“My 30-second video is about how people judge other people just by how they look, skin color, race, or religion. People don’t really get to know a person before judging them. In this world we live by stereotypes and I am trying to get the message out that stereotypes are usually wrong. I based it on my own point of view, because I am an American Muslim and people judge me when they look at me because I wear a scarf on my head, and they automatically come to conclusions. I wan to show people, us girls with scarves on our head, are just like everyone else.”

Here’s the Video Feed by Shabnam Amini:

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