Boy-Cott Magazine Passes “The Trials” & Speaks to a Jett I. Masstyr (interview)

MC Hashbrown who also goes by his production name Jett I. Masstyr is making a lot noise for Missouri City, Texas / Houston these days. Hashbrown grew up being exposed to lot of soul music via his father. Hashbrown even released an instrumental album dedicated to the great Phyllis Hyman (r.i.p.) called “Me & Phyllis Forever”. That dedication album released under his production name Jett I. Masstyr really gained him some limelight on various websites and message boards. Currently, Hashbrown is anticipating two album releases – “Break Something” & “Episode V: Frozen In Carbonite” which should drop sometime this year. Until then you should check out his album he dropped last year called – “Sounds From the BackSeat” which is available to purchase on Itunes. This Mo City resident has a relentless hustle that can’t be denied, and I wish this brother the best of luck in his future endeavors….Without any further ado, I give you Hashbrown a.k.a. Jett I. Masstyr:::::

Boy-Cott – How’s life been treatin’ you bruh?

Jett I. Masstyr – Life is good, I can’t complain at all. I’m still here, and I’m still blessed.

Boy-Cott – As a Jett I. Masstyr of music production, what kind of trials did you have to endure?

Jett I. Masstyr – Earlier on when I first started producing I had to pass the “is this beat tight?” trial quite a bit. It was nerve-wrecking to spend hours upon hours working on tracks for someone to give you the *shrug* and say “awww it’s a’ight”. Those were the times that motivated me the most. Once I gained some confidence in my production it became about would artists outside of my circle want to use my production? That was the true test, an eventually I passed that test.

Boy-Cott – Recently, you released a hip-hop instrumental called “Me and Phyllis Forever. Out of all the great soul singers, why did you choose to dedicate an album to Phyllis Hyman?

Jett I. Masstyr – My father has had a huge impact on my career musically. He exposed me to so much music growing up and Phyllis Hyman was by far his favorite. Initially when I first started sampling records, most of those records belonged to him. One day I was going through my hard drive and noticed how much music by Phyllis Hyman I had already sampled without the idea of a tribute. It got me to thinking because not everyone is up on her music, so the beat tape allowed me to shed light on an unsung hero of music. Phyllis Hyman’s talents are unrivaled vocally in my opinion and her story is tragic. I just felt like people should get to know her music the way I did growing up.