Dubee – Dust In The Wind (Screwed) (Prod. by PCG)

hip-hop emcee, Dubee

I never really cared much for screwed music until I heard this song from emcee Dubee and music producer, PCG.  Follow the jumplink for the song.

“Dust In The Wind” (#6 on the Billboard charts in 1977) was originally written by the progressive rock group, “Kansas.” In 2010 PCG teamed up with childhood friend Steven Terry better known as Dubee to create their own version. The duo spent much time and effort creating an emotional/spiritual vibe for the song. Their remake/revision uses samples from the original track but all lyrical content/beats were composed by Dubee & PCG. It is currently undecided whether or not the duo will use “Dust In The Wind” as the final title.

Musically the song has a pacific, emotional, spiritual effect. Lyrically many have said there is a moderate 2Pac influence in the song, which both Dubee and PCG honor highly. All in all, this is one of Dubee’s most original, refined and heartfelt songs – as a lyricist and as an M.C.

music producer, PCG

Dust In The Wind (Screwed) by Dubee