There Are Some Kinds Of Beautiful.

By: Aaron LonerSquare

A young attractive lady asked me, “Aaron what do you find most beautiful about a woman?” And before I knew it, I had a funny note on my hands. I wasn’t trying to make one but it came out. I was only giving some personal examples, and I couldn’t just trash it without another intellectual or two checking it out. So it’s now considered “canon.”

1.) Men are often insecure, intimidated, and feel worthless when a woman has intelligence, and can do and say things just as good as they can – but I totally disagree. That’s beauty to me. If anything, that shows the true strength and virtues of the lady, and a good indication that show would do pretty good as a wife and even a mother. As long as the woman has mutual consideration and respect for me, then it doesn’t matter. ;)

2.) Being a bad girl/rogue/punk rocker girl/naughty girl/rebel girl is okay. Those kind of women are often fun to date. But it’s DAMN BEAUTIFUL when a woman knows when to turn that on and when to turn it all off. Most women don’t know when to chill, relax, and just be lady-like, because they feel they have to “rough” and “jagged” to prove a point to a male-dominated society. And at that point, every bit of femininity is totally gone. A woman doesn’t really have to angry at the world, punch walls, sport mohawks, and senseless tattoos to prove how tough and strong she is… lol

3.) Tattoos can be beautiful, and I usually find myself being attracted and dealing with women who have tattoos. I don’t really recall ever having deep problems with chicks that want to be “Inked and Infamous/Tattoed and Famous” I might start give in and start my own tattoo busniess, because alot of money is made in drunk people getting silly stuff on them. lol They are beautiful when they are on the lower back (classic tramp stamp), and shoulders. (That post I did about tramp stamps had some feathers ruffled, but it was very fun! lol)

4.) The Gothic and Lolita styles are often beautiful, but I like the Level One Sweet Lolita/Victorian/Semi-Goth ones. The ones who keep it simple with just black clothes/black nails polish/black lipstick. lol Especially the black toe nail polish!!! :)

5.) Speaking of nail polish, Beautiful feet are very deep importance at all times. lol Chipped polish, Corns, and Callouses are a no-no. It’s beautiful when a woman tries to keep her foot game strong, because “when a woman takes care of her feet, then it’s possible that she always observe detail in even the smallest things in everyday life…”


7.) There’s beauty, power, attraction, and mystery about a woman that wears black boots! They can be gothic or regular boots. Other men feel the same way too, but it can’t be explained into words..

8.) It’s damn beautiful when a woman is sex-crazy for only one man and she is his PRIVATE SEX QUEEN. It’s beautiful, when she usually naked (HOUSE NUDITY/CLOSET NUDITY) around him 80 percent of the time and completely surrender herself to him whenever and however he wants it. But what really makes it beautiful is that she is STILL a respectful lady who tries for class when she is outdoors in public, and never talks to people about her sexual business.

9.) It’s beautiful when a woman knows more then one language. :)

10.) It’s beautiful when a woman doesn’t allow her “friends” to control her life – especially her love life. that’s pure garbage and the women who go for that ish deserve to be eternally alone and miserable.

11.) Havin peircings can be beautiful. I like the classic eyebrow and stud-on-the-nose original. Lips, nipples, and tongue are dangerous because most men ( like myself) have gaps in their teeth – so what if they get stuck? lol Nipples are very tender and precious, so they should be left alone. ;)

12) It’s beautiful when a woman accepts the reality that “everyone has free will to walk their own path in life, and choose whoever and/or whatever they want to serve, pray to, or believe in.”

13.) It’s beautiful when a woman doesn not allow her own beauty to go to her head.

14.) It’s really beautiful when a woman understands that money comes and goes, and has the maturity to roll with it. it’s also more beautiful when a women tries to find her skills and talents to make more money for herself instead of hoeing her way into riches. (“Yeah you might get somewhere, but that money does get low sometimes, and who in hell is gonna respect you?”) Even our celebrities go through tight financial times every now and then.

15) It’s definitely beautiful when a woman always try for true independence. Too many women erroneously and idiotically confuse independence with getting a guy with money and/or just having his baby. And that’s dumb as hell, because when he leaves, then the dumb woman is back at the bottom again with nothing, and then she has to hurry up and find a new guy with money and repeat the sad process. And by the time the woman gets in her 40’s and 50’s, then she will realize that she wasted her whole life on different dudes, and she won’t have a damn thing to show for it.. and will be miserable, lonely, looking beat up and broke down in the face, with a vast collection of babydaddies..! rotflol

16.) It’s beautiful when a woman is actually smart enough to stay away from “bad boys”, because those are the men who really treat women like dirt, beat them up, get them knocked up and then leave like yesterday. lol

17.) It’s beautiful when a woman is open, honest, and real enough to see and admit her own faults, imperfections, weaknesses and mistakes. They want to see that in men, be we men need to see them in women as well.. ;)

Loner XL