The Ugly Truth: Why Big Spenders Are Terrible In Bed

by: len penzo
It is a truism that most big spenders are showoffs; they feed off attention.

Ironically, while your typical big spender works 24/7 trying to impress others, most of the time they rarely do so.

There is a small segment of the population, however, that naturally gravitates to these self-absorbed cocks-of-the-walk. Younger women, especially, seem to be lured by the glitter and glam of these show-offs, hoping to get just a small taste of the rock-star life.

Unfortunately, thanks to easy credit afforded by credit cards, too many big spenders like to put on a show even though they don’t have the dough in their bank accounts to back it up.

In other words, while all big spenders love to talk the talk, very few can actually walk the walk. Especially over the long run.

So if that’s true, what motivates such financially reckless behavior for the majority of these big spenders? What else – sex!

But here’s the rub (if you’ll pardon the expression): When it comes to performance in the bedroom, anatomy is important. Yes, I realize lots of women out there – including the Honeybee (thank God) – will insist that it doesn’t matter. They’re lying.

WTF are you suggesting here, Len? Are you insinuating that all big spenders have small…

Hut! Stop right there! There’s no need to get graphic.

Okay, yes there is.

To better explain what I am really trying to say, look at the cool infographic at the bottom of this page from my friends at It, um, exposes the anatomy of the typical showoff that lives on a modest income. Just let me warn you, people – it ain’t pretty.

After checking this big spender out, I think most of you ladies out there will quickly come down with a romance-killing headache, if only because his assets don’t quite, well, measure up.

After all, as this infographic conclusively proves, the ugly truth is the only thing you’ll find over-extended on a lot of big spenders is their bank account – and how sexy is that?