Panhandler Slashes Woman’s Throat On 6th Street

by: andrew horansky / kvue news

Police say a 26-year-old homeless woman attacked a man and woman Monday night all because they said ‘no’ to her. They have identified the woman as Paula Livsey, and police say she was known to them.

Elijah Horgan has seen all kinds of panhandlers on 6th Street, from the affable to the aggressive. One night, a woman asked him for a cigarette.

“Me and a friend and we told her we didn’t have one, and she decided to bear pack and punch me in the jaw, and the whole time she was laughing,” Horgan said.

Monday night, there were again consequences from turning down a panhandler. This time, they came in the form of deep cuts and severe knife slashes.

“It was documented by EMS and medical staff. It was a fairly large amount of blood,” said Detective Judd Brooks with the Austin Police Department.

Police say the attacker was Livsey, a homeless woman who panhandled near the corner of 6th and San Jacinto.

According to police, she approached a man and his female friend, asking for money. They refused her, and that’s when she allegedly pulled out a knife with a three-inch blade.

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“She is actually documented with going after the female. The male tried to shield her and defend her and sustained the majority of the injuries at that time,” Brooks said.

With his blood dripping onto the sidewalk, the man fought in vain to protect the woman. She was cut in the throat. According to police, the knife cut deeply into the man’s right arm and nearly sliced a finger from his left hand. Doctors later treated him.

Police nearby arrested Livsey.

Horgan just hopes these attacks are not a trend. “You do see a lot of people up and down the street,” he said. “You don’t know if they’re on something that’s going to make them lash out like that. That’s definitely something that should be looked at and watched.”

Both victims are expected to be okay.

Livsey is being held at the Travis County Jail on a $75,000 bond.