Kwestro and Mamba Represent with Flava’ in Houston, TX!

Article by: Mamba

Photo’s by: Rex Del Ray

Video by: T.S.S.

The week of 6-21-10 was quite the story to be told…. On 6-24-10 I (mamba)  turned the awesome age of 30 years old, and man was it “O” so nice! The first destination on the Black Mamba birthday extravaganza was on  6-25-10 @ the highball in my new found home Austin, TX!  Before I get into that I’m going to speak on the show my boy Kwestro and I got booked to rock in my old hometown Houston, TX.  BBC a.k.a. B-Boy Craig invited us to rock his monthly event called Basix, and let’s just say that Kwestro and I were missed. At the young hour of 11p.m. there were already 70 people in the place to be. When Kwestro and I enterted the building we instantly were given a shout-out by BBC. Kwestro and I felt like we were celebrities of some sort.  Keep in mind that that Kwestro and I put a  lot of footwork into H-Town. As Kwestro and I made our rounds catching up with some old friends,  I couldn’t help but notice all the people in the place to be with a nice fresh drank of “MAMBA JUICE” in hand! I felt like a proud father and sh*t haaaaa!

After catching up with some old peeps we made our way to the bar and no one, I mean no one would let me buy myself a drink on my b-day. The love was so strong, and H-Town I can’t thank you enough for making a brother feel so damn welcome! After a few drinks Kwestro and I felt it was time to rock the crowd. So in true Jungle Brother form and fashion, we brought the damn “RUCKUS”!  SoulOne of H.I.S.D. was on the 1’s and 2’s and we Got – It – In!  The B-Boys and House Dancers started a circle and most of the people in the place to be got down with us. I love how energy is so damn contagious :)  Between DJ sets Ishan and BBC also held it down on the hosting tip. Thanks Homies, a brotha was gettin’ mighty tipsy. Tee Hee :)

Now if I recall right, I took a good glance into the crowd around 12:30a.m. and I know for a fact there was 100 plus people at the Cellar Bar. The ratio was lovely! Ladies were looking fly and the fellas were looking fresh to def.  Other DJ ‘s that rocked the Wheels of Steel were DJ Kleancutt and BBC. Thanks for keepin’ it Live and Direct! The only downfall of the night was this bitter MC by the name of Thomas. Apparently, this guy is known as the crazy tall drunk white guy that kills the vibe at events. Check this out fam: This guy Thomas was outside on the patio of the cellar bar trying to sell his album for 10 dollars and no one has heard ANYTHING about this buffoon. Then he started to preach about 911, Babylon, and some other crazy political radical sh*t!  He most definitely made it awkward as HELL for everyone in his presence. I guess that was his mission or some sh*t. Mission Accomplished buddy, now it’s time to call it quits. Oh and it doesn’t stop there. This overgrown immature bi-polar mother-fu*ker was jumping up and down on the couches at one point and then he almost got his a** kicked. Yes, this retard almost got in a fight with H-Town MC Hash Brown. I was hoping that the fight was going to go down, but 15 plus people were preventing it from happening.  If I ever see this Thomas kat again, I’ll kick his a** myself just for being a dumba**!  Sorry fam, if you were there you would TOTALLY feel my pain….

Anywho, besides all of that madness it was an amazing night. I even got a nice birthday surprise from an old lady friend if you catch my drift :)  Rarr!!  Thanks Girl, you know who you are.  Muah!  xoxo::::

Last but not least I want to give a HUGE THANKS to: Anil Raj for his hospitality, BBC for showing Kwestro and I an amazing time, TSS Crew, Article, H.I.S.D,  all the DJ’s, and everyone that came out to Basix on 6-26-10!! Props, hugs, and daps to you all!!!  I’ll catch you on the flip-side FAM!!


p.s. Here’s some awesome video footage from the event courtesy of T.S.S.!

YouTube Preview Image