Five Greatest Moments in Saved by the Bell History

What were your top 5 greatest moments in Saved By The Bell?

1. Jessie Spano (aka Elizabeth Berkley) got hooked on caffeine pills and the result was this classic meltdown who everyone in the 25-40ish age range is aware of and can cite on command. “I’m so excited, I’m so … scared.” Later, Berkley was at the center of this Hollywood fight; also, she was very naked in Showgirls.

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2. Lisa Turtle injures her ankle but still takes part in a dance-off at “The Max” with Screech. Casey Kasem makes a cameo. Lisa hobbles around – Kasem dubs her dance move “the sprain” – and of course her and Screech win. It’s a travesty there isn’t video of this on the web. We actually own a VHS copy of the episode (Christmas stocking stuffer in 1990, maybe 1991). Too bad we no longer own a VCR.

3. Zack Morris fights AC Slater.

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4. Zack’s attempt at subliminal messaging, which fails miserably. The goal was to get Kelly to go to a dance with him; Kelly becomes hip to the plot and uses it against him. The reason we’re so into this episode is because the song in which Zack planted the message was very catchy: “Don’t leave with your love” by Bo Revere. Can’t find audio, unfortunately.

5. Slater does the Roger Rabbit and various other embarrassing dance moves. [Note, if I could pull these moves off, I definitely would.]

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