Teacher Fired after Caught Beating Student on Video

HOUSTON – Administrators at a charter school have fired one of its teachers who was seen beating up a student in a video taken by a classmate’s camera-phone.

The teacher under question, identified by a charter school spokeswoman as Sherri Davis, was officially terminated by the school on Monday night.

“Now that officials at Jamie’s House Charter School have been able to review the video on Fox News, we are horrified at the actions of the teacher,” principal David Jones said, in a statement.

The disturbing video of a sixth grade student being kicked and pummeled has also been turned over to Harris County Sheriff’s investigators.

The teacher attacked 13-year-old Isaiah Johnson at the north Harris County charter school in late April, according to the teen’s mother.

“I’m horrified. I just can’t believe something like that would happen to my child,” said Alesha Johnson.

The attack goes on for nearly a minute. Isaiah Johnson said it felt much longer.

“I was on the wall like this trying to get away from her and she started hitting me, banging my head to the wall and kicking me,” Isaiah said.

“He’s had a knot on his head for a week. He had a black eye, bruises on his cheek,” Alesha added.

Other children in the class were watching and videotaping the attack. You can hear some even laughing.

It happened just after TAKS testing two weeks ago. Isaiah Johnson said he was among those watching and laughing as a mentally challenged girl danced.

That’s when he says the teacher attacked the 13-year-old. Isaiah said he was beaten by the teacher, with other teachers looking on, right there in the classroom.

“The teachers piled up and they were looking over each others shoulders just watching,” Isaiah said.

David Jones, the principal of the school, released a statement later in the day.

“There is no excuse for a teacher to behave in this way with a child,” Jones said. “Although we had already removed the teacher from the classroom and put her on administrative duty, we now plan to terminate the teacher and make an apology to the student and his mother.”

Jones said the school will be investigating whether other teachers saw the incident and did not report it.

Alesha Johnson has taken the tape and filed criminal charges with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Jamie’s House Charter School is a Texas Accredited Charter School. It opened in 1999 and is currently in good standing.